Economic Update 2-28-18

IN today’s economic video update, Dennis Tubbergen reveals:

  • why most crypto-currencies have zero chance of becoming mainstream currencies
  • 3 reasons to be cautious when investing in cryptocurrencies
  • what one cryptocurrency inventor recently tweeted… it will shock you

Economic Update 2-23-18


Dennis Tubbergen observes:

  • the crash may be coming and here’s why
  • central banks have already shot all their economic bullets and may now be at the mercy of the market
  • there are only two possible economic outcomes from this point

Economic Update 2-22-18


In today’s market analysis update, author and financial expert Dennis Tubbergen discusses:

  • the latest, not-so-great home sales report
  • why the housing market has more downside from here
  • the little-discussed relationship between current debt levels and household income levels

Economic Update 2-21-18


Dennis Tubbergen discusses:

  • why more banking failures may be imminent
  • what you probably don’t know about private sector debt
  • can debt levels worldwide presently possibly dwarf debt levels prior to the financial crisis and what might than mean to you

Economic Update 2-20-18


Dennis Tubbergen discusses:

  • the US Dollar’s rapidly fading prospects
  • why foreign governments and central banks have begun to dump US Dollars in earnest
  • why the US Dollar is losing out to the Euro worldwide despite European money printing
  • unpayable debt and liability levels and how you may be affected

Economic Update 2-19-18


Dennis Tubbergen comments on Pakistan getting ready to dump the US Dollar. On this video, you will discover:

  • what currency is replacing the US Dollar
  • how the transition may affect you

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