The valuation of equities was 220% of the underlying economy at the start of this year. That is light years ahead of any other metric, any other reading on that ratio in history. By comparison, at the start of the Great Recession, that ratio was just 104 percent, not 220 percent. Our guest this week, Mr. Michael Pento, talks with your host Dennis Tubbergen about the coming year and the likely bursting of the bond market bubble, the housing bubble, and equity markets on Retirement Lifestyle Advocates radio.

Michael Pento is the President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies with more than 27 years of investment experience. He was the portfolio creator and consultant to Delta/Claymore’s commodity portfolios that raised more than $3 billion, distributed through Claymore/Guggenheim’s sales network. He produces the weekly podcast “The Mid-Week Reality Check” and is the author of the book “The Coming Bond Market Collapse.” 

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The systemic risks, particularly from foreign banking networks like the Eurozone, and Japan which are very highly leveraged, are very, very substantial. And with contracting bank credit, they merely get heightened. This summary is from our guest this week on Retirement Lifestyle Advocates, Mr. Alasdair Macleod. Your host Dennis Tubbergen talks with Macleod about this risk and the periodic cyclical banking crises often called kindly a correction, but in this case, probably “crash” is the better description.

Alasdair Macleod is the head of research at Gold Money Holding, a well-respected author, and a noted expert in world economics. Mr. Macleod has been a celebrated stockbroker and Member of the London Stock Exchange for over four decades. His experience encompasses equity and bond markets, fund management, corporate finance, and investment strategy.

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The Federal Reserve is not likely to return to Quantitative Easing, creating dollars that is because that will stoke hyperinflation. The problem with hyperinflation is that hyperinflation reliably destroys governments, and that means them. Our guest this week on Retirement Lifestyle Advocates makes a good argument on this topic in his conversation with your host Dennis Tubbergen. Deflation, on the other hand, gets a lot of people very angry and leads to a lot of upheaval, but it doesn’t typically take governments down.

Mr. Karl Denninger is an American technology businessman, finance blogger, author, and political activist, sometimes referred to as a founding member of the Tea Party movement.  Mr. Denninger is the author of the book Leverage: How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World. In the book, Denninger presents an inside look at how moneyed and powerful interests debase the dollar through the willful and intentional failure to honestly represent short and long-term mathematical truths that underlie all economic systems.

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