De-dollarization is happening now. I have no idea how long the US dollar will remain the world reserve currency, but it is coming unraveled at an alarming speed. A thought shared by this week’s guest on Retirement Lifestyle Advocates radio, Mr. Mark Jeftovic, in his conversation with your host Dennis Tubbergen. They also discuss the future of central bank-issued crypto and how that might affect private cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It’s a thought-provoking episode you don’t want to miss.

Mark E. Jeftovic Mark is a 30-year veteran of the Internet, the co-founder & CEO of easyDNS Technologies, a Toronto-based web services company, and the author of two books about the internet; Unassailable: Protect Yourself from Cancel-Culture, and Deplatform Attacks, and other Online Disasters. Additionally, Jeftovic authors the blog site bombthrower.com and The CryptoCapitalist Newsletter. To learn more about Mark Jeftovic please visit www.thecryptocapitalist.com or take advantage of his trial newsletter offer at www.thecryptocapitalist.com/tubbergen.

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When you look at the FDIC insurance programs that insure bank deposits, the deposit insurance reserve fund has about 170 billion in it to ensure $11 trillion of bank deposits. However, the idea that the insurance fund is there just to protect small depositors is very misleading. The primary duty of a modern central bank is to ensure the integrity of the commercial banking system; that means that all depositors must be protected. Our guest this week on Retirement Lifestyle Advocates radio is Mr. Alasdair Macleod. He shares a brilliant perspective on the banking industry and the future of Western currencies in his conversation with your host, Dennis Tubbergen.

Alasdair Macleod is the head of research at Gold Money Holding, a well-respected author, and a noted expert in world economics. Mr. Macleod has been a celebrated stockbroker and Member of the London Stock Exchange for over four decades. His experience encompasses equity and bond markets, fund management, corporate finance, and investment strategy.

To learn more about this week’s guest Mr. Alasdair Macleod, please visit https://www.goldmoney.com. To learn more about Retirement Lifestyle Advocates, please visit our website at retirementlifestyleadvocates.com

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The dislocation impact of excess currency creation has the currency markets in an extreme situation, such that the U.S. can no longer export our inflation. We’re likely to be much worse off than in 2008. Our guest this week, Mr. Karl Denninger, explains what’s happening with the US dollar and provides his take on the current state of the banking industry when he talks with your host Dennis Tubbergen on Retirement Lifestyle Advocates radio.

Mr. Karl Denninger is an American technology businessman, finance blogger, author, and political activist, sometimes referred to as a founding member of the Tea Party movement.  Mr. Denninger is the author of the book Leverage: How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World. In the book, Denninger presents an inside look at how moneyed and powerful interests debase the dollar through the willful and intentional failure to honestly represent short and long-term mathematical truths that underlie all economic systems.

For information about Karl Denninger, please visit www.Market-Ticker.org.  For more information about Retirement Lifestyle Advocates, please visit www.RetirementLifestyleAdvocates.com.

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