Was Jesus a Socialist?  An interesting question in light of the seemingly growing interest in socialism by so many young people today and the title of the book written by today’s guest, Mr. Larry Reed.  Join us this week on Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio where your host Dennis Tubbergen talks with Mr. Reed who says that humankind needs motivation. And beyond just the threat of starvation, we need the kind of motivation that causes people to plan for the long-term, to take risks, to do the uncommon things that result in new inventions and new enterprises.

Mr. Larry Reed is the author of the book “Was Jesus a Socialist?”, and the president emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education.  He is also a much sought-after speaker and well-published author of books and articles on economic freedom and personal liberty.

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This week your RLA radio show host Dennis Tubbergen interviews Lawrence Reed, founder of the Foundation for Economic Education and the “Open the Books” initiative, which encourages the reduction of waste and more responsible government spending through transparency.

The two also discuss the fall of Venezuela through Socialist politics and the antidote to bringing the country back to its former economic prominence.

For more information about Retirement Lifestyle Advocates, please visit www.RetirementLifestyleAdvocates.com. For more information about our guest Lawrence Reed, please visit www.fee.org or www.OpenTheBooks.com